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Amazon Japan Offers Special Manga-Centric Kindle: My interest is………kindled


Ladies and Gentlemen, start your jealously engine.

 Amazon is offering a special model of their popular e-reader designed around manga reading – but only in Japan.

The manga Kindle goes on sell in a couple of days and goes for 16,280 yen (about $160) with ads or 18,280 yen ( about $180) without ads.


Ten Count Boys-Love Manga Ends in November: Our Favorite yaoi is ending!

Fujoshi and Fudanshi  I’ve got some bad news for guys, because our favorite BL Manga series, Ten Count is ending this November……….oh wait it is November! T~T

Yes believe or not, I’m sad as well too because my favorite yaoi is ending! The editorial of department of Shinskokan’s Dears + magazine revealed on Wednesday that Rihito Takarai’s Ten count boys-love manga will end the December issue on November 14…….OMG that’s coming up soon! THE END IS NEAR!!!!! The staff posted a teaser page of the final chapter and revealed that the sixth and final compiled volume of the series is slated to ship in spring.