This Month’s latest Otaku News

This  Month’s Otaku news:

New Promo Debuts for Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Movie: Feature Opens in Japan on January 21, 2017 

Black Butler Fans!!  Kuroshitsuji is back!! With a all new animated movie, Black Butler: Book of Atlantic hits theaters in Japan on January 21, 2017!bbpromooct16

Here’s a sneak peek of Character designer Minako Shiba’s new key visual!:


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To get information about the movie go to their official website at:



                                                            Masamune-kun’s Revenge Cast announced

not to be confused with Montezuma’s Revenge!


Masamune-kun’s Revenge, the anime based on romanic comedy manga by Hazuki Takeoka, hits airwaves this January, and now the cast for the series’ six main characters has been announced.

The principal characters and their respect voice are as followed

Masamune Makabe – Natsuki Hanae (Taichi Yagami, Digimon Adventure tri.)
Aki Adagaki – Ayaka Ohashi (Uzuki Shimamura, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)
Yoshino Koiwai – Inori Minase (Yuki Takeya, School-Live!)
Neko Fujinomiya – Suzuko Mimori (Umi Sonoda, Love Live!)
Tae Futaba – Azuka Tadokoro (Azusa Sasaki, Sound! Euphonium)
Kojuro Shuri – Saori Hayami (Shirayuki, Snow White with the Red Hair)


Premieres January  5

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ReLife Anime’s Dub Cast announced


Here’s who you can look forward to hearing in the dub:



Arata Kaizaki

 Micah Solusod

Ryo Yoake

 Josh Grelle

Chizuru Hishiro

 Jeanie Tirado

Rena Kariu

 Alexis Tipton

Kazuomi Oga

 Blake Shepard

An Onoya

 Kristen McGuire

Honoka Tamarai

 Bryn Aprill

Nobunaga Asaji

 Stephen Sanders

Akira Inukai

 Alejandro Saab

Kokoro Amatsu

 Caitlin Glass

Koshi Usa

 Anthony Bowling



ADR Director

 Jeremy Inman

Sound Engineer

 Ben Tehrani

Mix Engineer

 Neal Malley


Arata Kaizaki is a 27 year old loser who just wants to get his life together. When he meets a member of the ReLife Research Institute he’s offered a strange pill that will do just that. But is this a promise for change or a chance at disaster?

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New Death Note Movie Manages to Dethrone your name.: Latest movie opened on October 29

Makoto Shinkai’s your name. anime movie has been soaring at the top of Japanese boxes since its debut, but finally it got knocked down thanks to the opening of the new Death Note Movie, Death Note: Light up New world. The hotly-anticipated follow up to 2006’s live action Death Note outings was release on 341 screens throughout Japan on October 29 and its number one placing at the top for Your Name/Kimi no Na wa.


Here’s a full list on what you missed last weekend in the Japanese office box for October 29-30:

1 (new). “Death Note Light up the NEW world”
2 (1). “Kimi no na Wa./your name.”
3 (new). “Inferno”
4 (new). “Maho Girls PreCure! The Movie: Miracle Transformation! Cure Mofurun!”
5 (3). “Nanimono”
6 (new). “Bridget Jones’s Baby”
7 (2). “Yamikin Ushijima-kun The Final”
8 (5). “Kinmedal Otoko”
9 (4). “Star Trek Beyond”
10 (8). “Koe no Katachi”

And here is the all-time box office top 10 for Japan which includes foreign films:

1. “Spirited Away” (2001/30.8 billion yen)
2. “Titanic” (1998/26.2 billion)
3. “Frozen” (2014/25.48 billion)
4. “Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone” (2001/20.3 billion)
5. “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004/19.6 billion)
6. “Princess Mononoke” (1997/19.3 billion)
7. “Bayside Shakedown 2” (2003/17.35 billion)
8. “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets” (2002/17.3 billion)
9. “your name.” (2016/16.5 billion)
10. “Aviator” (2010/15.6 billion)

Stan Lee Teases Latest Attempt At Making Anime: The Reflection to debut in 2017

  Previously unveiled last year, the upcoming anime, The Reflection is an upcoming anime collaboration project between Studio DEEN, director Hiroshi Nagahama ( Flowers of Evil, Detroit Metal City), and Stan Lee and his Pow! Entertainment company. Stan Lee is listed as being responsible for the original work, while Pow! Entertainment and DEEN Studios are together on project planning, and a new promo debuted at this past weekend’s LA Comic Con.

Additional staff were also announced for the project. Nagahama is billed as co-creator, director, and original character designer for the series, with Yoshihiko Umakoshi (Berserk, Casshern Sins) adapting the designs for animation. British producer and songwriter Trevor Horn is handling the music, and Japanese idol group 9nine (Magi, Star Driver) will contribute an insert song.

Watch the video:

Studio DEEN’s synopsis:

After THE REFLECTION, some of the people in all parts of the world are discovered with super powers.
Some become heroes, and others villains.
How did the Reflection happen? What was the cause of it?
With many unsolved mysteries, the world is lead into turmoil.

The Reflection is currently planned for a worldwide release in 2017.


Final Season of Fairy Tail Anime Announced: The end is near


Hiro Mashima breaks the news!

The end of the Fairy Tail manga is just a week away, but Hiro Mashima isn’t quite done with the series yet. There’s still more anime to come, and the creator hopped on Twitter to reveal that the final season is set to make its debut in 2018.


The final chapter of the Fairy Tail manga will be Chapter 545, “Irreplaceable Friends.”  

Rest in Peace Fairy tail fans T~T It will live in our souls forever

Hello Kitty Maker Sanrio Create Fullmetal Alchemist Lineup This Fall! :

Fullmetal cuteness awaits


My Hello Kitty fans and Fullmetal Alchemist Fans! I’ve Got some good news for you guys because a lineup of  Fullmetal Alchemist is coming to Saniro this fall!

This fall, Sanrio will perform some of their special alchemy to create some fullmetal cuteness.

The firm, which is most famous for creating Hello Kitty, will debut a lineup of Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise this fall in anticipation of the live-action film, which will be released December 1.

The first teaser image, which was released on social media today, shows main character Edward Elric alongside a cat.

A official Twitter account for the Sanrio/FMA collaboration, launched July 19, will hopefully display some additional fullmetal cuteness soon!

As A hello kitty fan I can’t wait see to what Saniro has FMA in stored for it!

Original Article:

Persona 5 Gets TV Anime Series in 2018

Produced by A-1 Pictures


To all of My Fans including myself, of Persona 5 game, I’ve got some new for you because Persona 5 the animation is coming soon in 2018!

Persona 5 the Animation is coming.

Atlus, the publisher of the popular Persona video game series, confirmed on Twitter Sunday A-1 Pictures will be creating an anime series based on Persona 5, and that it will begin airing sometime in 2018.

According to a short teaser also revealed Sunday, the voice cast for the series will be the same as that of the game.

Previous games in the series, including Persona 3 and 4, have also been turned into anime.

Persona 5 was released on PlayStation 3 and 4 in Japan last September and worldwide this April.


Japanese Retailer Releases ”Pillow Panties”: Well Japan just got a lot WEIRDER!

Total coverage


Just when you thought things couldn’t get much weirder than hug pillows: Japanese variety goods retailer Village Vanguard has entered the “specialty” sleep market with these pillow-covering panties.

The pillow cover, which retails for ¥2,376 (about $22) is pretty much as-described: it’s a pair of panties big enough to fit around a standard-size pillow.

The copywriter tasked with promoting this pillow-covering underwear had a field day. The description states that the user’s neck will lie on the area of the panties that touch the most, uh, sensitive regions, meaning that just like real panties, these pillow versions will eventually reach that perfect “used” state.

Now, before we go all “weird Japan,” keep in mind Village Vanguard is a kind of hipster hangout known for its tongue-in-cheek joke items.

Still, I think it’s safe to say this item has Japan’s reputation for weirdness covered.

Youtube link:


After Years Away, Brock and Misty Return to Pokemon Anime


Pokemon fans, I hope guys are excited because guess who’s coming back to the show!! That’s right two our classical characters are coming back, and making an long appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon in two episodes that will air this September 14 and 21 in Japan

You guessed it! Misty and Brock are coming to Alola!!  For many fans of the pokemon anime including myself, it just hasn’t been the same without Ash’s originals companions Brock  and Misty!

The last time we saw Brock on the show in 2010, while Misty has BEEN GONE EVEN LONGER: since way back in 2002.

Wow I officially feel old right now! The rumors were true, Misty and Brock coming !

Welcome Back and Alola Brock and Misty!


Original article:

Attack on Titan Anime Season 3 to Kick Off in July: Its coming!

Attack On Titans fans, I hope you’re excited because the released date for Attack on Titans season 3 has just been announced!! Believe it or not, More information came out last October’s during last week’s Attack on Titans reading & Live Event Orchestra, including plans for a Season Compilation film and timing for season three!

First up, Attack on Titan: The Roar Of Awakening will condense the events of season two when it in Japan theaters on January 13, 2018. Following up, will be The third season kicking off in July!

Season 3 Visual:


While you’re waiting for both, here’s a promo for the anime compilation film:


Roar of Awakening visual:


Original Article here:

 Pikachu Speaks English in the New Movie : Fans are shocked all over the world


What’s guys up! Today I’ve got surprising  news for today about cute yellow Mouse pokemon, has shocked Pokemon fans all over the world due to a movie scene in its new latest movie.  So as you guys may have heard, that the new latest Pokemon Film,  Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You ! the English version is now UK Theaters.

Now I’ve been dying to see this movie, Since I’ve watch pokemon during my childhood. Sadly, It’s not playing in theaters here where I live, I’m hoping that the movie will be uploaded online on anime sites very soon. That is until, I rethought my decision on see the movie. When This scene unexpectedly happens that left fans all over shocked and displeased!

Our favorite loving pokemon mascot, Pikachu, now speaks English………….. I’m sorry, What?? *confused”






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