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Nanbaka ( Anime review)

 Looking for a comedy breakout prison anime to watch? Well you came to the right place!! Nanabaka is the right one for you!!


This is not your average prison!!!!
Nanbaka is one of the best 2016 comedy/action anime I’ve seen so far! It has currently two season right now so and yet has to come out with a 3rd season the late January 2018 so far! I love the characters, some of the funny anime references, and some of the fight scenes. I highly recommend ! Its a pretty funny anime you should go watch it!

My Girlfriend is a GAL. (Hajimete no GAL) Review


So far I have watched some of the best last summer 2017  I know that I late watching on the summer 2017 anime, but I’ll try to catch up on the seasonal anime! Also I will make a monthly Favorite Otaku page for this blog to talk my monthly favorite anime and Manga I have watched or read this month!

Anyways, there is one particular summer 2017 anime that is one of my favorite Harem romance comedy anime! Hajimete no Gal or translated to My Girlfriend is A GAL.

My Girlfriend is a GAL, is about High school student Junichi ( Main Character) is a virgin trying to find himself a girlfriend, after Spring, the season of love arrived. But then however, Junichi realizes that its seem finding himself a girlfriend was harder than he believed!

In order to break the status Quo, Junichi’s friends forces him to confess to the GAL, Yame Yukana. However, things don’t go as plan as Junichi expected!

This is one best hilarious Harem series I ever seen. I love Hajimete no Gal because of its funny characters, art style, some of its funny anime references to other anime,  and its hilarious romance comedy!

maxresdefault (1)

Its easily find to GAL,especially if you have one as girlfriend that is! Whether they’re popular, sassy, tough, or even cute, They’re a GAL alright! A GAL is a slang term for a girl or young women. That is…….if you’re  Junichi of course!

This is series you definitely want to watch!!



Netflix Original Series: Neo Yokio (Review)


Okay,  when I’m watching new anime, I either hear about or find it on MyAnimeList / online. At some points, I sometimes watch trailer for upcoming seasonal anime or anime movie coming next year. Today, I have new anime review, This one is a brand new Netflix Original series called New Yokio

Now how did I find this anime, well its trailer for it was facebook and I watched. At first, I like the anime trailer for Neo Yokio,I thought it was interesting and I wanted see it. Usually, Netflix makes their trailers look so dope or interesting which catches my eyes like the new Netflix Live action Death Note Movie. Now that trailer for it was dope and I heard that Jayden Smith was playing in it. I was like cool

A few days later, I heard bad reviews on Neo Yokio, that is until I saw a compilation video of it. I wasn’t really convinced that Neo Yokio was bad anime after hearing the dub which I didn’t think it was the actual dubbed. I had to see it for myself.

But since I didn’t have a netflix account so I couldn’t watch it on Netflix. Luckily I was able to find Neo Yokio online as same goes for the Death Note live movie! Yea you can find it easily online and watch it without using Netflix! Anyways back to the topic!


So I found it on two sites, called kisscartoon and Kimcartoon.(Don’t ask me why Neo Yokio on there because IDFK!) I watched the first episode of Neo Yokio, at first it was getting really at the beginning, but after watching…………………………………………..*grabs the holy water and squirts into both eyes * What the actual fuck?!

Neo Yokio was WAY WORSE THAN THE AMERICAN NETFLIX DEATH LIVE ACTION MOIVE!! What was the director thinking while making this anime!!? I literally want to burn out my eyes after watching this piece shit! *Ahem* My reason for this review, is because it’s fucking horrible!

I’m not saying that animation is bad……….the animation looks perfect…..Its just that everything about this anime is horrible!!! Now I’m gonna tell you why this anime sucks !


To start this off, Neo yokio, A Brand new Netflix series created by Ezra Koeng and starring Jayden Smith, is set in a fictionalize New York and Tokyo combined together but to tell you the truth there are no fucking elements of Tokyo (so I’m not gonna explain all of that). To put it in short terms, its suppose to be like a Future realistic New York. Anyways since Neo Yokio is so high classy and fancy all, it starts to attract demons and ghost to it. Then a group of Demon hunters and exorcists are brought in to move into the city. Kaz Kaan (played by Jayden smith and Main Character ) a descendant of one theses Ancient Wizards.


At the beginning of the first episode, the show starts off with tourism Promotional video explaining it all. So I did however make a few comments on that promotional Video, but just only one time! At first, I thought that was going to be a pretty good anime series, that’s what all of  us thought until five minutes later, you gonna regret watching  this

Next thing you know, it gets completely boring! This anime does sucks! To be honest with you, voice acting is just fucking terrible. Do remember Ghost stories the anime series? The one where in all the episodes, the voice acting sounds like its a Fandub, when it’s the actual dub. Yea this what it sounds like.

It seems some of the characters don’t sound like their voice actors  at all. Its more sounds like their Lip Syncing. I mean Jayden Smith has long way to go, but still the voice acting is still fucking terrible.


I know all of you are think that what I said earlier didn’t make any sense. Well what I’m trying to say is, what is the point of Neo Yokio? I mean every anime has to have a point. Even if it’s crazy, absurd, comedy, or whatever, it still has to have point. So I’ll ask my question again, What’s the point of Neo Yokio? My answer: I……..have…………. NO FUCKING CLUE

I now from watching the anime, I can pretty much say that Neo Yokio is social commentary on vanity or capitalism, but its not……..  I know there are a lot of hack reviewers out there, who claim to find a deeper meaning into this anime. It’s a Masterpiece, like it’s some sort of brilliant postmodern commentary……But that’s literally taking it too fucking far….

The main character is this vain selfish misogynistic  and overall awful person…..He’s obsessed with material possessions and thinks that wealth and status is the most important virtues to live by.

But the show itself doesn’t even try to comment on how he’s wrong or how he’s kind of a bad person, what I’m trying to say is that there’s never the thread connecting to theses themes.