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Nanbaka ( Anime review)

 Looking for a comedy breakout prison anime to watch? Well you came to the right place!! Nanabaka is the right one for you!!


This is not your average prison!!!!
Nanbaka is one of the best 2016 comedy/action anime I’ve seen so far! It has currently two season right now so and yet has to come out with a 3rd season the late January 2018 so far! I love the characters, some of the funny anime references, and some of the fight scenes. I highly recommend ! Its a pretty funny anime you should go watch it!

My Girlfriend is a GAL. (Hajimete no GAL) Review


So far I have watched some of the best last summer 2017  I know that I late watching on the summer 2017 anime, but I’ll try to catch up on the seasonal anime! Also I will make a monthly Favorite Otaku page for this blog to talk my monthly favorite anime and Manga I have watched or read this month!

Anyways, there is one particular summer 2017 anime that is one of my favorite Harem romance comedy anime! Hajimete no Gal or translated to My Girlfriend is A GAL.

My Girlfriend is a GAL, is about High school student Junichi ( Main Character) is a virgin trying to find himself a girlfriend, after Spring, the season of love arrived. But then however, Junichi realizes that its seem finding himself a girlfriend was harder than he believed!

In order to break the status Quo, Junichi’s friends forces him to confess to the GAL, Yame Yukana. However, things don’t go as plan as Junichi expected!

This is one best hilarious Harem series I ever seen. I love Hajimete no Gal because of its funny characters, art style, some of its funny anime references to other anime,  and its hilarious romance comedy!

maxresdefault (1)

Its easily find to GAL,especially if you have one as girlfriend that is! Whether they’re popular, sassy, tough, or even cute, They’re a GAL alright! A GAL is a slang term for a girl or young women. That is…….if you’re  Junichi of course!

This is series you definitely want to watch!!