AKB48 Creator Apologizes for Sub-Group’s Nazi Costumes




Keyakizaka46, one of several AKB48 (-related all-girl musical groups), is in hot water after its members appeared on October 22 dressed in outfits that resembled the Nazi Officers.

Now both Keyakizaka46’s producers and label have apologized, for citing a ” lack of oversight.”

Yasushi Akimoto, creator of AKB48 and its sub-groups , wrote on the Keyakizaka46’s website:

“Those stage costumes were unacceptable. I had no advance notice of it so I couldn’t check them. I don’t think the staff purposefully made costumes reminiscent of Nazis, but I failed to execute proper oversight as producer and I am truly sorry for that.”

Seperately, Sony Music Entertainment wrote,  “We express our heartfelt apology for causing offense … because of our lack of understanding. We take the incident seriously and will make efforts to prevent a recurrence of a similar incident in the future.”

This is not the first time the Japanese pop group has gotten into trouble for an incident showing a clear ignorance of history. Though, as both Akimoto and SME noted, it  is unlikely any offense was intended, an an ignorant excuse only goes so far as of 2016

Keyakizaka46 are a sister group of Nogizaka46. ” Silent Majority”, Their single debut was released in April.

Read original:http://www.otakuusamagazine.com/LatestNews/News1/AKB48-Creator-Apologizes-for-SubGroups-Nazi-Costum-8352.aspx


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